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  • Report from November 25th

    Today was to be a shorter walk from Lyme Regis to Seaton with the plan being to camp between Seaton and Beer.Lyme Regis was bathed in sunshine and I walked along part of the famous Cobb then made my way into the undercliff.This is a thickly wooded area that was formed when trees colonised vast […]

  • Report from November 23rd.

    Mercifully a lot drier and lighterr it was off to Lyme Regis. There was the little matter of the Golden Cap, the highest bit of the south coast landing between me and a day off in Lyme Regis.The path was hilly but the views made the climb worth it.This was one of the only parts […]

  • Report from November 22nd

    Having packed my tent up and stowed my rucksack I discover, much to my displeasure it is much heavier. Despite some vigorous wringing out the trousers I wore yesterday are holding about a kilo of water , and other sodden bits are holding extra too. This was due to one or possibly two of my […]

  • Report from November 21st

    Having successfully left my Hotel on Portland Bill I had to descend the muddy track I had ascended the day before. A nights torrential rain had left it waterlogged and very slippery. I managed to get down in one piece but a slip and fall half way down caused a nasty bend in one of […]

  • Report from November 20th

    An early start from Weymouth sent me round the harbour and through a squirrel friendly park towards Portland Bill.The spit of land across to Portland Bill gave me my first view of the huge mass of shingle that is Chesil Beach.Meanwhile on the other side kite surfers made good use of the wind. I climbed […]

  • Report from November 19th

    Leaving my cliff top camp site in much appreciated sunshine I carried along the coast path towards Weymouth. Fairly early on I met a group from Yeolets property who were trying to do 26 miles in a day on the coast path, definitely challenging. After exchanging selfies we went in opposite directions.Selfies returned again when […]

  • Report from November 18th

    A cold morning sent me off f try on my camp site as far as the toilets at Kimmeridge where I loaded up with water and made breakfast. It was there I discovered that the path from Kimmeridge to Lulworth was closed as the firing range was active. This meant a diversion rounds the lanes […]

  • Report from November 17th

    The day started brightly with Swanage being revealed in bright sunshine, a vast improvement on yesterday’s torrential rain. A walk around the harbour gave some good views of the bay and pier and the climb up to Dirlstone castle gave a last view of the Isle of Wight.Dirlstone is an area of paths and gardens […]

  • Report from November 16th

    It was an early start as I had to walk four miles to get my lift across Poole harbour at Sandbanks.Sadly my route did not take me in front of some of the most expensive real estate in England but round the back to the Yacht club.There I met Mike who was going to ferry […]

  • Report from November 14th

    The day started a little oddly as my hotel didn’t start serving breakfast until 9;30am, a fact I had not spotted on the booking. However as it was included and I didn’t have a long walk to do I set off late.I passed through the splendidly named Chewton Bunny nature reserve then worked my way […]