Report from February 10th

The day started well when I met Vix and the other cold water swimmers at Clevedon pool. A cup of tea and cheese sandwiches for the walk. What’s not too like.
Then it was a steady walk to Portishead working my way through wooded and bracken edged paths on the edge of the Severn.
I even had someone ask me for a selfie as they had seen me on the television the night before. I reached Portishead at lunch time and a coffee by the lake. Two more people spotted me in the cafe from the points west program. I am beginning to like the celebrity lifestyle 😀😀😀.
From Portishead lake I had to make my way to Portishead Marina where the Somerset Tidal trail ended and with it the England coast path.
I sadly reached Portishead pier where to my surprise there were more signs for the path. The signs finally ran out in Portbury Nature reserve but I was happy with my extra bonus miles of path. I set my course to Gordano Services and my hotel,
where a lorry driver spotted me from my TV interview . It never ends. 😀

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