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Report from November 25th

Today was to be a shorter walk from Lyme Regis to Seaton with the plan being to camp between Seaton and Beer.Lyme Regis was bathed in sunshine and I walked along part of the famous Cobb then made my way into the undercliff.This is a thickly wooded area that was formed when trees colonised vast […]

Report from November 23rd.

Mercifully a lot drier and lighterr it was off to Lyme Regis. There was the little matter of the Golden Cap, the highest bit of the south coast landing between me and a day off in Lyme Regis.The path was hilly but the views made the climb worth it.This was one of the only parts […]

Report from November 22nd

Having packed my tent up and stowed my rucksack I discover, much to my displeasure it is much heavier. Despite some vigorous wringing out the trousers I wore yesterday are holding about a kilo of water , and other sodden bits are holding extra too. This was due to one or possibly two of my […]

Report from November 21st

Having successfully left my Hotel on Portland Bill I had to descend the muddy track I had ascended the day before. A nights torrential rain had left it waterlogged and very slippery. I managed to get down in one piece but a slip and fall half way down caused a nasty bend in one of […]


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