Report from February 9th

Today was just a simple walk from Weston Super Mare to Clevedon. The sea was going to fade away and I’d be walking home along the river Severn.
But first I had to walk to Sandy Bay where I would meet a TV crew to be interviewed for BBC Points West. As I walked the sun came out and we did the filming in bright sunshine. Jeremy was the cameraman while Lee interviewed me. Filming took over an hour for a piece 90 seconds long! However they were very professional and apart from me walking off with their radio microphone all went well.
I climbed up to the nearby point and got some wonderful views up the river for my first view of the new Severn Bridge for 11 months.
I also saw back to Devon for the last time.
Then it was a question of picking up the Pier to Pier route which went from Weston to Clevedon . It was a new route and I had rung North Somerset Council to see if it was open and was happy to find it was.
I was less happy when I arrived and found it was closed. This meant a seven mile diversion.
A Land Rover pulled up at the locked gate and a chap got out and started to open it. I asked if I could go through along the path. He pointed out it was closed to the public. I did my best bit of pleading. He said he’d ring the landowner.
After a long wait for an answer the landowner said I could as I was walking for MIND.
I walked through the building site where they were putting a huge new bridge in and set off along the flood defences.
When I reached the Severn I met Steve a local farmer who pointed out the coast path didn’t go across his fields but as he’d seen me at lunch time on Points West I could carry on.
He breeds pedigree Short Horns and we had a long chat about the problems with walkers and the England Coast path.
I got to Clevedon at dusk and reflected how even limited celebrity status opens doors or at least gates!

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