Report from February 11th

I wasn’t expecting too much from today as I was going to be walking through the industrial heartland of Avonmouth and the tidal defence work between the Severn bridges would keep me away from the River Severn.
I followed a cycleway along a disused railway line and was surprised and thrilled to be accompanied by a noisy dawn chorus of Robin’s, Wrens, Blackbirds, Song Thrushes and a solitary black cap.
Then it was an urban walk interspersed with bramble covered wasteland. However the path was well maintained.
I crossed the M48 and then had to make a choice. I could carry on along the cycleway or go the more direct route along the A403. I chose the direct route and walked on a muddy , litter strewn verge for 3 miles while the lorries thundered by.
However I finally reached the Severn bridge and so I had completed a complete lap of the coasts of Wales and England a walk of 3956 miles.
I met another walker on the bridge who by chance was following my blogs.
Then I retraced the route I had taken on March 22nd 2022 and returned to the Anchor at Oldbury where I settled down in anticipation of my last days walking tomorrow.

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