Report from February 2nd

Watchet has a small harbour with several statues including one to Derek the goose who lived their for a while. Derek was mis pronouned as ‘he’ was actually female.
I then made my way around the rocky beach at Helwell bay thankful it was low tide. Then I found some lovely waterfalls coming off the cliffs onto the beach at St Audries bay. Once I left the beach I made my way on some high sandstone cliffs until Hinckley point power station hove into view.
They are building Hinckley C at the moment next to Hinckley B and the site is huge.
Despite the sterling efforts to plant lots of trees and to landscape it , it still is several miles walking round a building site.
The coast then falls to be more estuary than sea and I set my tent up in the reeds at Steart point . I got the chance to see hundreds of assorted wading birds flocking before they and I settled down for the night.

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