Report from February 5th

Leaving Bridgewater nice and early on a crisp sunny morning I set off to retrace my steps , but now on the East side of the Parrett.
The walk was flat but assorted pill boxes provided a source of interest. Clearly they were assuming the Germans would land somewhere south west of Bridgewater and then push North. The Parrett was a major line of defence.
I walked briefly along the A38 which was nice as this road runs through my home village.
I saw Combwich again on the other side of the river and then came across a small flock of Avocets which was a welcome sight.
Then it was a question of turning inland before crossing the river in Highbridge and making my way to Burnham on Sea.
Burnham has a splendid beach and the sinking sun showed it off.
I even had a last glimpse of Hinckley point on the horizon.
A good day.

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