Report from January 28th

When I got out of my hotel in Porlock Weir I found an excellent little cafe who set me up with cheese sandwiches for the days walk.
Then it was a walk across shingle where the shingle bank had breached at Porlock opening a chunk of farmland to the sea which is now a wetland marsh.
I was soon swinging up hill on my last climb of the South West Coast path where I met several walkers walking loops around Porlock.
Then it was a steady plod across moors and farmland before sweeping along the coast to Minehead. The first sight of the pavilions at Butlins was good.
I think doing the Southwest coast path in winter has been the hardest part of the walk and arguably the hardest physical thing I have ever done.
Standing at the finish was relating but also a feeling of regret there wasn’t just one more cliff to look over or one more hill to climb.
I set off into Minehead for a well deserved break.

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