Report from January 24th

It was one of the coldest mornings of my entire walk with ice caked on the outside of my tent. However I was still toasty on the inside thanks to my sleeping bag and it’s winter inner.
I was looking forward to breakfast in Woolacombe. I had forgotten how long the beach is there and I had to walk the full length of it. There were a few people on the beach but Woolacombe had that air of desertion that seaside towns had in the winter. Only one coffee shop was open but it did do a good breakfast.
As I set off from Woolacombe I passed a thank you memorial from the US army to the people of Woolacombe for letting them practice for D-Day on their beach.
It was then a series of steady climbs and drops as I worked my way round to the lighthouse at Bull point.
I was passed by several runners on this bit of path. I miss not running for the best part of a year and am looking forward to getting back to it, particularly with my weight loss of 20lbs!
Ilfracombe popped up on the horizon but it did take a while to get there. Again it was deserted apart from some slightly dubious youngsters hanging about round the church.
However there was a Wetherspoons open and Tuesday is steak night so I ended the day with a cheap filling meal.

2 responses to “Report from January 24th”

  1. Good old wetherspoon always there for a cheap and substantial meal of reasonable quality!
    Good that you found 1 – but I suspect Tim Martin wasn’t available to donate your meal as a donation to mind.


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