Report from January 23rd

The weather was a strangely dull sun which persisted most of the day.
I followed the river out of Braunton and after edging along the estuary along with numerous dog walkers I reached the sand dunes called the Burrows.
This proved to be less exciting than I hoped as I was sent along a roadway alongside the sand dunes. Presumably in case the army wanted to use them for more training. once I left the burrows I got the chance to finally climb up a hill. This gave splendid views of Seaton bay and more of the Burrows than I had seen all day. It was lit by the strangely dull sun.
Then I worked my way round the coast to the end of Baggy point getting a last view of Hartland across the pay.
I found a good spot for a campsite and settled down overlooking Woolacombe bay.

2 responses to “Report from January 23rd”

  1. ” Seaton Bay ” ? Probably not – Seaton’s on the south coast . Saunton Sands ? Writing on behalf of a friend who used to live there ! Seriously tho’, love your blog, well done, and see you soon . Tony Cope


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