Report from January 16th

My start from Bude was slightly delayed by me leaving my GPS unit in a convenience store. Once reunited I set off along the river at Bude.
The coast was cliffs and coves and easy walking.
There was a large listening station which was quite photogenic with its satellite dishes and towers. When I reached it the notices round it told me in no uncertain terms not to photograph the installation. I moved carefully away hoping they weren’t too observant .
The longhorn cattle had no such compunction about being photographed as they set about clearing the local bracken.
The wind picked up again in the afternoon and I had a bit of buffeting to contend with. I managed to erect my damaged tent but also had a bivvy bag ready to go if the whole thing collapsed again. The wind was too much for the gas stove so I decided to put off hot food till the morning.

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