Report from January 9th

The wind was blowing sea foam onto the coast as I set off giving the effect in places of a snow storm. I crossed Constantine beach where I came across a river which gave the optical illusion of flowing up hill!
I finally rounded the head land at Trevose and got the wind behind me instead of blowing me sideways. Harlyn presented me with some welcome coffee and some less than welcome sand dunes.
The wind helpfully changed and was now blowing me savagely sideways as I crossed Stepper point . I managed to reach the Coast Watch station where their system told me the wind was gusting at 50mph. So 50mph can nearly blow me over.
As I worked my way down the River Camel towards Padstow , the wind dropped and the path was much easier . Padstow was mostly closed of the winter apparently but the PW1 bar next to where I was staying were really helpful and sorted me with the one place supplying hot food that evening. No not Rick Steins! I had an early night as it was an early ferry trip in the morning.

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