Report from January 8th

The day was forecast to be showery and so it proved. The beaches and coves around Newquay would be packed in summer but in January I got the chance to see them in their natural state. Due to the usual lack of signage on the coastal I ended up getting closer to an MOD training area than I expected. However in between the showers which increased in ferocity during the day I got some great views of the Cornish coast which due to the weather was deserted.
I did meet some dog walkers during a particularly wind blasted shower and one Jack Russell took full advantage of trying to use me as rain shelter which got him and his lead tangled round me on a particularly narrow and muddy part of the path.
I spent the night in lovely youth hostel at Treyarnon and spent time chatting with the staff about the joys of walking while the rain lashed the windows.

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