Report from January 14th

Finally the weather seemed to be a shade less windy so I left Tintagel.
The coast was as rough and rugged as the locals and promised me and showers and wind kept me on my toes.
Boscastle scene of a famous flooding in 2004 looked quite peaceful today, but looking at the narrow channel of the river , you could see how it could easily build up with water. The National trust Cafe had the 2004 flood on a permanent loop. I’m not sure if the museum of Witchcraft at Boscastle was an attempt at flood prevention but it seems to have worked lately.
The recent rains had made the path muddy but had filled the streams which meant the local waterfalls were in full spectacular spate. Unfortunately this combined with the strengthening wind meant that instead of the water falling to the sea, it blew back over the land and indeed me.
Having made quite hard work of the day so far I decided to pitch my tent up a bit early as the wind and rain started to pick up again.
Unfortunately the force of the wind managed to snap the main pole of my tent. Constructing an impromptu bivouac whilst being inside a tent is not a skill I knew I had. But with the help of my walking poles and my rucksack I managed to make something that kept me dry while and the wind was kept at bay.
Not my best night’s sleep.

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