Report from January 10th

After some good natured banter with the locals , “Himalayas are that way mate “. I boarded the ferry at Padstow and was taken over the Camel to Rock.
Breakfast at the Blue Oyster was a good start to the day and I set off heading North up the coast. Another showery and windy day beckoned and by the time I reached Pentire point I had already been blown off my feet once.
The strong crosswind played havoc as it caught my ruck sack and tipped me sideways , think of a lorry on the motorway with a cross wind.
Things got worse when I had to work my way round the numerous small coves on the coast. The coves funnelled the wind and also allowed it to change direction at a moments notice
Just before Droyden castle I had a section where it took me half an hour to go 400 yards as the wind buffeted me on a two foot cliff edge path as the wind suddenly picked up even more.
Much relieved I managed to get off that piece of path and sort out a sheltered spot for a wild camp which mercifully I managed. Thank you high Cornish walls!

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