Report from December 31st

As I was camped on the East side of Sennen Cove and all I needed to do was get to St Justs today would be a short day.
The area had been extensively mined and ruined mine workings dotted the landscape. Signs were everywhere telling me to stay on the path so I didn’t fall down the old workings.
A local explained that the mine tunnels stretched up to two miles beneath the sea and showed me a cove where the miners bathed when they were finished.
The rain started to fall as I approached Cape Cornwall and St Just . I managed to get to my hotel before it got too damp then had a brunch at the local cafe.
St Just has several streets of back to back miners’ cottages very reminiscent of Coronation Street.
New Year’s Eve was lively at my Hotel and whilst seeing the New year in I kept sensible. I had some tough walking to come the next day.

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