Report from December 30th

It was a late start today as whilst my campsite was sheltered the wind was blowing savagely over the cliffs so it was nearly 10am before I was confident to continue.
The wind and rain were sporadic throughout the day as I headed towards Lands End. The coast here is some of the best I had seen so far in Cornwall with little bays and jagged rocks and cliffs. Penbirth was a tiny community tucked down in a tiny bay surrounded with high cliffs. It is used for fishing boats as it has a lovely cobbled fish landing area.
I was hopeful of getting a pasty at Lands End but this wasn’t to be as no shops or cafes were open at Lands End and the hotel was closed for a month for refurbishment. A few other tourists were wandering slightly forlornly around the iconic sign. A couple there told me Sennen Cove had a good pub and it was about a mile and a half away.
I set off for Sennen Cove and discovered that not only did it have a pub but a nice store with pasties!
Refuelled I set about finding a wild camp site. As if by magic one appeared just by the path. That would mean leaving a bit more early in the morning to avoid other path users but as the dark was falling it was worth it.

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