Report from December 26th

I set off on a sunny Boxing Day with an important question in my mind, “was there a cafe open for breakfast in Porthleven?”
Porthleven is an attractive village dominated by its harbour. Today some hardy swimmers were splashing around in it and indeed a Cafe was open. I had just settled down to a cooked breakfast when Phil, he of the four greyhounds by Porthallow, had tracked me down for a longer chat and to buy me breakfast.
This was a great start to the day and he walked with me for a while toward Marazion. The coast was interspersed with photogenic old tin mines and rocky coves and bays.
The weather then changed with some sharp showers making the path slippery but giving some misty views of St Michaels Mount a few miles ahead.
A combination of the usual slap dash marking of the Southwest Coastal path and a diversion due to cliff erosion meant I went into Marazion in the evening gloom.
On the good side it took me onto a beach giving a good evening view of the Mount. As usual good and and bad.

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