Report from December 25th

After a rain filled night on the Lizard, Christmas Day started dull but at least not raining. Packing your tent and gear up in the rain is not fun.
I set off along the coast towards Kynance cove where the path descends to the rocky beach. The beach is made more fun because a lot of the rocks were serpentine and the rain had made them very slippery. The cove is a big attraction for tourists in the summer but today it was just me. The wind had got the sea stirred up and it was very noisy which was good as it covered up my swearing as I slid across the boulders.
Out of the cove I came upon my first really bad bit of tourist erosion where the pressure of thousands of feet had worn away the thin layer of grass and soil covering the rocks.
They had been forced to build a gravel pavement which does look a little incongruous in wild surroundings.
I was joined by a lovely lass from Birmingham and we walked together for a couple of hours admiring the scenery and discussing walking.
I passed by a barren piece of cliffs where Marconi had sent the first shortwave radio messages, first to a distant boat and then across the entire Atlantic.
I settled down to wild camp just south of Portleven next to lake and in hearing of the crashing breakers.
I ate James’s Christmas cake and it was a good Christmas Day.

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