Report from December 24th

Nicole had warned me the coast path just out of Coverack was treacherous in wet weather and there was an alternative route through a local sculpture park. One thing I have learnt is if locals give you walking advice it’s a good idea to follow it.
The sculpture park was a pleasant change and I was then back on the cliffs heading towards the Lizard.
The coast here is spectacular with a mix of cliffs and bays. The paths were thoroughly muddy and climbing rocks was a slippery experience. The coast path was almost empty other than a few runners some of whom were training for an Ultra race in January that runs along the coast path. Sooner them than me!
The skies carrying rain clouds added to the atmosphere and the rain added to the difficulty of standing upright. The sun emerged as I rounded the Lizard the furthest south of my entire walk. Then it was a bit tricky finding a flat bit of ground to wild camp on.
It also had to have a clear view of the sky so Santa could make any deliveries. I settled down and waited for Christmas.

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