Report from December 23rd

After packing my tent up I took the opportunity to photograph the fig tree growing out of the wall of Manaccan church. Then I set off along the Cornwall lanes towards Porthallow. The lanes were very narrow. At one stage I had to walk back about fifty yards so as an oil lorry and me could pass each other. I arrived in Porthallow at noon and this marked halfway along the Southwest Coast Path. I did feel an air of achievement about this. Even the long hill out of Porthallow couldn’t dampen this and it impressed the couple with four greyhounds I met there.
I headed across country and was keen to rejoin the coastline.
This was not to be as I met a couple coming from the opposite direction saying that a bridge was damaged and the coast path was closed between here and Coverack.
With a heavy heart I set off on another detour around the byways of Cornwall. After I passed St Keverne on a particularly unexciting stretch of B road I was waylaid by a car driver who asked what I was doing. She kindly offered me dinner that evening if I wanted. As she drove off I realised I only had her Christian name, Nicole , and the house name. I hoped Coverack wasn’t that big.
By using the internet and with the help of a local on his allotment patch I managed to locate Nicole and her cottage where I had a delicious meal and a bed for the night.
A good end to an up and down day.

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