Report from December 20th

Finally managing to leave Portloe after a 2 day weather stop was a relief. However a new problem arose in that my lift across the river at Place now wasn’t going to happen. This left me a bit stuck but I decided that I’d have to get a lift from Place via the roads to Mawes and then get the second ferry of the day to Falmouth.
As I worked my way along the sunny part of the coast a second problem arose. The Mawes ferry website said it was cancelling its lunch time crossings that day. However it didn’t say whether the later sailings which I needed were running or not. Ringing the ferry operator resulted in a distant phone ringing but no reply.
I reached Portscatho and decided to get a lift from there to Mawes on the off chance some ferries were running to Falmouth in the afternoon. I didn’t want to be left in Mawes with no ferry.
In Mawes it turned out the ferry was running in the afternoon which was a great relief as at last I could get to Falmouth.
The trip across the Fal in the evening light was scenic but I still am not a fan of ferries as they give me more problems than anything else.

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