Christmas Message

Please think about all those people who miss Christmas. They are the ones who want to have a family, fun-filled Christmas just like you are hopefully going to have but can’t. To them, Christmas is the time a loved one passed on, the time when a relationship ended, the time when they said or did something unforgivable. To them, Christmas has the taint of grief, regret and sorrow.
The build-up to Christmas to them is the build-up to a slide into a swamp of bad memories. They try to get close to the Christmas they had, but they’re not close; they miss. They miss Christmas.
You can help them with a word, a question, or an invite to the pub, Boxing day walk or sports event. You can even invite them to join you on Christmas day. But don’t forget this is the hardest bit for them. Give them time and space and if they suddenly leave, then smile and let them go. Christmas day is hard for them.
Don’t expect them to always accept your invitation; sometimes they’ll be rude and abrupt. Don’t let it worry you; ask again next year. Everyone goes at their own pace.
And if you’re one of those who miss Christmas, keep your ears open, and try one of those invitations. You never know; you might be closer to Christmas than you think.
Together we can get everyone closer to Christmas
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Are you missing Christmas? There’s help out there for you to find it!

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