Report from December 17th

Leaving Mevagissey in the early morning , I was soon in Portmellon where I met the ladies from Mevagissey Rowing Club, launching their boat for early morning training. Their boat is a bit special as it’s a Cornish Pilot Gig. These are raced during the summer and they have the world Championships in the Scilly Isles.
Then it was on to Gorran Hole where a local led me to a breakfast spot and then promptly paid for it for me!
Then I was making my way round Dodman point with its imposing Bronze Age ditch and mound.
Caerhays nestled in a little valley all of its own. The estate was notable for the number of pheasants and the absence of any footpath signs.
After a couple of detours I managed to get off the estate and on to Portloe where I checked in to a very nice hotel. My room had its own balcony.

One response to “Report from December 17th”

  1. Dodman point has a nice little Watch House to shelter and brew up in.
    Caerhays, yes closed for Christmas – I hope some pheasants got away 🙂
    Glad to see progress. Well done and keep warm.
    Best wishes,
    Martin & Carol

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