Report from December 15th

Polperro was almost deserted as l left at 8am . a steep climb took me out onto the cliffs on another cold fresh day . I had a seven mile walk to get to the ferry at Polruan. Snow lay on the path and a hard frost gripped the mud.
Robins were very common and seem to be very friendly on the path, hopping along just in front of me for yards at a time before fluttering up to watch me go by from a nearby bush.
I stopped for a snack and had a robin by my side almost immediately so I suspect they have learnt that walkers mean food and this has emboldened them. This one was rewarded with some biscuit.
I reached Polruan with perfect timing to catch Phil and his ferry as it took me across the estuary in glorious sunshine.
On the other side I met two lifeboat crew who were giving safety advice to people. They also gave me some chocolate powder so that was good.
After a pasty in Polruan I carried on round the cliffs and headed to Par.
I met Andy on the way, Andy spends his time cleaning Cornwall’s beaches . He was very interested on my walk and much to my surprise was able to , within 20 minutes, get me an interview with David’s Coffee time on BBC radio Cornwall.
Hopefully I’ll be speaking to him again as I work my way round Cornwall.
I finished the day with some tricky climbing in semi darkness , the interview used up walking time more than I thought!
But at the end I had a warm bed in Par.

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