Report from December 7th

The first order of the day after breakfast was to get to the river Erme within an hour of low tide so I could wade across it.
Having got there at 10:30am I was faced with a lot less water than the day before but not looking any warmer.
I was given two different locations to cross by people at the river. I picked the one with a sign by it.
Removing boots and socks and rolling my trousers up , I set off across the mighty Erme which proved to be nearly 15 inches deep in places.
I discovered halfway across my trouser rolling skills were not up to scratch so I was standing in a briskly flowing cold river trying to keep them out the water while not letting my walking poles go or just falling over.
The whole crossing was about 100 yards but my feet were still damn cold at the end of it. I was in glorious solitude on the other side as no other people were taking the opportunity to wade the Erme in December. I was watched suspiciously or perhaps jealously by a couple of Labradors from the other side.
Then it was on to my next river at Noss, the Avon. This one I had a kind offer of a boat trip across it as again the ferry wasn’t running .
On the way I had a relatively easy walk with good views of rocks from the cliffs.
Noss at sunset caught with the light prettily but I had to find somewhere to wild camp as I needed to be on the quay at Noss at 7:30am and there was no accommodation there. A local wood proved a good spot. I settled down and had my alarm set.
I didn’t want to miss my boat!

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