Report from December 6th

Having left my pheasant filled campsite , I headed towards Kingsbridge. A lovely lady with two excitable spaniels took me on a shortcut to the village. Having bid her goodbye outside the village , I discovered she’d phoned ahead and her husband was waiting to give me a donation.
I then found I could take another shortcut as the tide was low and I followed the tidal road along the riverside before climbing up to Bigbury.
Bigbury Golf course provided me with some free coffee thanks to the club shop manager and a couple of lady players who took pity on me.
From there it was a climb down to the river and working my way round to Bigbury on sea.
Bigbury on sea has very little mobile signal so they have public WI-FI for the very reasonable price of £1.20 an hour. I declined this generous offer.
I carried on round the coast and reached the Erme which I was going to ford the next day . It was at full tide and did not look very fordable.
I had found a room in a pub nearby called the Dolphin at Kingstone. This was a great pub and even opened the kitchen up to serve me a generous helping of pie, peas and mash.
The locals were a good bunch , one of them had been in Brimscombe the day before loading for a shoot.
A warm comfortable room gave me and a couple of pints of beer a place to rest.

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