Report from December 5th

This was a long day leaving Salcombe and getting to the Avon which due to the absence of ferries I had to divert round to find a bridge.
Once out of Salcombe the countryside turned wild and rocky . There were old Devon walls made from vertical teeth of stones dwarfed by the rocky outcrops all around.
Walking the cliff path became more challenging as it went round headlands as the path narrowed and became a careful sidestep over rocks and boulders in places.
After a while the path changed to farmland and I had a coffee in Hope Bay. Then the path skirted the golf course at Thurlestone. The course had slightly optimistically put up signs asking walkers to wait if golfers were teeing off. This was fine by me but I suspect in high summer with lots of walkers it would be cheerfully ignored
With the day getting ever darker I pushed on up the Avon Estuary way. Unfortunately I realised I was going to need to camp on a shooting estate. I’m not keen on this due to the potential presence of gamekeepers and the actual presence of hundreds of noisy pheasants.
My final campsite was near the river where the pheasants had to compete with the sound of owls, ducks and even herons. I was a bit concerned as the river was tidal and I was only about three feet above it
I needn’t have worried, by the morning the river had dropped to low tide and I was about eight feet above it.

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