Report from December 4th

The wind was blowing so hard when I packed my tent in the morning that making breakfast would have been very tricky. So I decided to walk along the path for an hour or two until I found a sheltered spot.
The spot whilst sheltered was quite busy so I had chats with several walkers who were quite intrigued with by culinary repast, porridge and coffee.
I climbed on to East Prawle and called in to the coast watch station, which had the bonus of getting me out of the wind which had picked up again.
More climbing awaited along narrow rocky paths along the cliffs. Not a day to have my flag up as I was being blown around without it.
I was glad to get into Salcombe and the ferry. This was where Barry the ferryman managed to steer the boat with his buttocks, a nice trick if you can do it.
The hotel had the lowest door in Devon but I managed to get through it unscathed .

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