Report from December 1st

The day started with a downhill walk into Brixham where I had breakfast at the Tidal cafe in the harbour.
This was very obviously a local cafe with an assortment of workmen and fishermen getting breakfast and coffee.
The principle subject of conversation was the general unfairness of having your fishing boat inspected and resultant fines for minor infringements.
Apparently “proceeds of crime” fines can be used on fishermen as well as drug dealers!
The climb out of Brixton soon settled to scenic cliffs with a surprising number of dog walkers.
I met with one of the local farmers who was trying to get back a group of ponies back into their right field after someone had left a gate open.
The ponies were quite content on a far cliff top and even the rattling of a feed bucket and me walking past them didn’t encourage them to move. This sadly is a perennial problem on the Southwest Coast path and indeed a lot of other paths as walkers don’t always shut gates!
I caught the ferry at Dartmouth and went to the Seven Stars , a sister pub to the George at Cambridge near where I live and a day off.

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