Report from November 29th

The day started well with a lovely misty autumn morning and the discovery of Teign Bean Coffee about 400 yards from my campsite where they treated me to a bacon butty.
Today was going to be a long walk to Babbacombe , about 17 miles as the ferry wasn’t running at Teignmouth, adding on a mile and a half.
The walk through Dawlish and on to Teignmouth was flat in the main with a mile along Teignmouth’s sea wall. However on leaving Teignmouth the fun started, the path wasn’t well marked but luckily a local put me on the correct track but it still involved re climbing a steep set of steps I had just come down. The path then went into full hill mode with a long steep climb out of Teignmouth. At the top Omer two other walkers who told me it was worse further on.
And so it proved with steep descents into coves followed by equally steep climbs to get out of them.
Then the path entered thio woodland. Here the path ran over are stone, coered by layers of mud leaaves and water with tree roots making unexpected and unwelcome appearances.
The path managed the trick of being rough and slippery at the same time.
Then the light faded in the thick trees so that added a new thrill to ge current climbing and slipping.
Unfortunately it was dark before I finally left the wood as my progress was slow.
My room was very welcome!

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