Report from November 25th

Today was to be a shorter walk from Lyme Regis to Seaton with the plan being to camp between Seaton and Beer.
Lyme Regis was bathed in sunshine and I walked along part of the famous Cobb then made my way into the undercliff.
This is a thickly wooded area that was formed when trees colonised vast areas of cliff falls. The path was muddy and made more tricky with tree roots as it wove up and down through the folded country.
The weather forecast was bleak for the evening, strong winds and rain and with England playing in the World Cup I checked for accommodation in Seaton or Beer.
I came up trumps in Beer with the Anchor pub and good value B and B. I reached Seaton mid afternoon but discovered there was a diversion between Seaton and Beer due to a collapsed road. The path wasn’t well signposted but helpful locals kept me on track and I reached Beer as the sun set.
Unfortunately the football was not very exciting but hearing the rain hammering down outside made me think I had made the right decision.

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