Report from November 22nd

Having packed my tent up and stowed my rucksack I discover, much to my displeasure it is much heavier. Despite some vigorous wringing out the trousers I wore yesterday are holding about a kilo of water , and other sodden bits are holding extra too. This was due to one or possibly two of my dry sacks leaking
I got myself to Abbotsbury Swannery which while it was closed it’s toilets were open.
More drying of gear but still I reckoned I was carrying nearer 50lbs than my usual 40. It was going to be a long day.
I’d planned to wild camp again near West Bay but carrying an overweight kit for two days wasn’t going to be easy. Luckily I found a hotel with a vacancy in West Bay and booked it.
While I was at the Swannery I met Claire who was also walking the Southwest Path but without a large pack. She was hoping to get to Lyme Regis in one hit which was a tough 20 miles, she later messaged me to say she had done it, another impressive walker.
I was thrilled to find the path took me on level ground which included two miles of shingle and half a mile of marsh which had promoted itself to swamp.
With my still heavy pack I made my way to West Bay with only an occasional strong headwind and steep hill to challenge me.
I was very relieved to reach West Bay and spent the evening drying my clothes to get a sensibly weighted pack again.

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