Report from November 20th

An early start from Weymouth sent me round the harbour and through a squirrel friendly park towards Portland Bill.
The spit of land across to Portland Bill gave me my first view of the huge mass of shingle that is Chesil Beach.
Meanwhile on the other side kite surfers made good use of the wind. I climbed up Portland Bill passing Queens Town then after a delightful cheese sandwich at Quiddles Cafe I made my way up to the high battery and fort. The wind was picking up now with some rain to help.
There were views back over Weymouth then I was passing by stone quarries and I arrived at a young offenders institution. Where slightly surprisingly they had a cafe and farm shop. Had a good chat with “smudger” Smith who was in charge of the cafe then worked my way down to the Lighthouse. The wind was now very strong with accompanying rain. I didn’t feel it a great plan to try walking along the cliffs in it so turned inland and headed towards my hotel.
When I arrived the front door was locked with no one on reception. I rang the phone number. It rang with no reply. The rain continued outside.
Luckily a young chap staying there , who had a definite smell of herbal cigarettes, let me in to reception.
There was no one there. No answer to the phone. there was a bowl on the reception desk with “drop keys here” on it.
There was a set of keys inside so I decided to check myself in to room 12.
Room 12 clearly had not been serviced since it’s last occupant. But there was one clean mug, the TV and shower worked and I slept in my sleeping bag for hygiene purposes.
It was better than being outside, just.

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