Report from November 19th

Leaving my cliff top camp site in much appreciated sunshine I carried along the coast path towards Weymouth. Fairly early on I met a group from Yeolets property who were trying to do 26 miles in a day on the coast path, definitely challenging. After exchanging selfies we went in opposite directions.
Selfies returned again when I met Sebastian who had some complex gear to make panoramas with a motorised tripod. This all took a while to set up but we had an interesting chat on the use of magic mushrooms to treat depression.
The route was generally downhill another bonus and in the evening I drifted into Weymouth.
The day finished with a bit of excitement as I walked along a narrow Weymouth back street to my hotel. As I walked along the very narrow pavement a car reversed up the the street towards me heading for the nearby takeaway. Unfortunately he didn’t see me and as he mounted the pavement I made my presence known by loudly shouting as his wing mirror hit my rucksack.
He was extremely apologetic much I suspect to the disappointment of the staff and customers of the takeaway who came out to watch.
After I had picked up my walking poles I found my hotel and settled down.

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