Report from November 18th

A cold morning sent me off f try on my camp site as far as the toilets at Kimmeridge where I loaded up with water and made breakfast. It was there I discovered that the path from Kimmeridge to Lulworth was closed as the firing range was active. This meant a diversion rounds the lanes of Dorset to get to Lulworth.
I walked through the deserted lanes of Kimmeridge as the roads were also closed for the exercise.
The good news was that they opened at about 10am , the bad news was that I then had a flood of vehicles trying to get to Kimmeridge.
The countryside was rolling green hills and downs with views back as far as Poole Harbour.
I passed by Lulworth castle and also the army base at Lulworth before descending into a busy village with lots of people looking at the well-known cove . For the third time I met the couple who I had first met at Harry’s Rocks , they told me they thought the path from Kimmeridge to Lulworth was only open at weekends and high summer. It didn’t worry me too much as my alternative route whilst longer had lovely views.
I was rewarded with some evening light photos of Durdle Door before I carried on towards Weymouth, setting camp overlooking the sea .

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