Report from November 16th

It was an early start as I had to walk four miles to get my lift across Poole harbour at Sandbanks.
Sadly my route did not take me in front of some of the most expensive real estate in England but round the back to the Yacht club.
There I met Mike who was going to ferry me across. Once I had a life jacket on we set off. I got some good views of Brownsea Island but not close enough to spot any scouts or red squirrels.
When we arrived on the other side I had to contend with a floating jetty that undulated with the water. These are not easy with a rucksack and I was glad I’d kept my life jacket on as I swayed unsteadily across.
The start of the path is marked by a large blue sculpture and as I started a rainbow arched over it. A sign? Yes, of rain and as I made my way down the beach it started. There were a surprising number of people walking along the beach and it was still quite busy when I got to Studland.
Studland was used in WW2 for a full scale live ammunition exercise to prepare for D Day . Next to the Bunker where generals watched is a sad reminder for six men killed when their amphibious tanks sank.
From there I climbed the path towards Old Harry’s Rocks which are extremely photogenic but we’re in a strong wind as a passing South African commented, “that flag of yours is going to be a kite soon”
I was glad I took my flag down as the rain and wind came in with some ferocity. The walk down into Swanage was slippery and the views across the bay disappeared in sheets of rain.
I was glad to get to my Youth Hostel in Swanage where I delighted them my dripping large puddles across their reception and needed towelling down before I could sign in.
Tomorrow’s forecast is better!

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  1. All our water butts have spent the past few days overflowing. Even the sheep are fighting for space under the hedges! Hope you get some decent weather soon.

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