Report from November 14th

The day started a little oddly as my hotel didn’t start serving breakfast until 9;30am, a fact I had not spotted on the booking. However as it was included and I didn’t have a long walk to do I set off late.
I passed through the splendidly named Chewton Bunny nature reserve then worked my way along beach and eroded cliff to Christchurch . It was here I was going to have to divert through the town as the ferry wasn’t running as the holiday season was over.
Christchurch was quite entertaining with a set of stocks and some good views of the river. I got into a long conversation with Jack a young chap who had done the Southwest Coast Path and was planning Lands End to JohnO’Groats next year, we exchanged views on kit and the relative merits of the Cotswold Way and Offa’s Dyke trail. This passed the time till I rejoined the beach at Bournemouth and as the sun set I walked up the beach.
A day off tomorrow, then the start of the Southwest Coast Path.

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