Report from November 13th

Today I was going to be walking with Mark who I had met via work. This piece of the coast held particular memories for him so he wanted to show it to me.
We had an ideal day for walking and made of time as we worked our way along the coast towards Barton on Sea.
We had good views of the west end of the Isle of Wight especially the needles . We also saw Hurst Castle which sadly is closed due to erosion. as we passed Milford cliffs started to appear which were golden under the sun.
The sea was surprisingly lively despite the weather being more June than November.
A few surfers were taking advantage of the waves and lots of people were taking advantage of the clement weather to walk the cliffs.
Mark was collected by Tara at Barton on Sea where at 3pm I joined in their remembrance day service around the memorial to the Indian soldiers from WW1 .
Then it was on to my hotel for a snack and early night.

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