Report from November 11th

An early start today as not only did I have a ferry to catch but I was meeting a friend who was going to walk with me.
The ferry to Hythe wasn’t a long trip but it passed quickly as I chatted to the husband and wife team working on the boat told me about their forthcoming holiday to Australia. I did feel a bit envious.
I just had time to get some breakfast when Julie, my ex boss, messaged me to say she had arrived.
As always I followed orders and set off along the path. The path turned away from the estuary and made its way through woodland where I met Julie.
We stopped at eleven o’clock for the Remembrance Day silence and looked at the commonwealth graves in Fawley Church including a 20 year old Canadian.
Julie who had recently done a long walk with her family in Sweden had a tendency to be quicker than me but broadly didn’t leave me too far behind. We had hoped to have a lunch break at Calshott but the cafe was closed for the winter. However the weather was good so we picnicked on the beach to be joined by a couple of se swimmers who produced some excellent biscuits.
Julie returned to her car while I carried on towards Exford.
I called at the Watch House cafe at Lepe where they had a splendid poppy waterfall down their steps.
It was a long day and I found a place to camp tucked away near a wood which provided a peaceful rest apart from a pair of Tawny Owls who were discussing important matters for a lot of the night.

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