Report from November 10th

My ankle wasn’t too bad in the morning and I made my way back to the coast.
Crossing a long stretch of shingle at Browndown was a good test and all seemed ok.
My mission was to work my way to Hamble by lunchtime to catch the ferry. I passed through the Titchfield nature reserve where there were some turnstones hiding on a breakwater from the high tide.
When I arrived at Hamble I had to summon the ferry to take me across, luckily someone had done it already and as I walked to the jetty the bright pink ferry arrived to collect two other travellers , I joined them and slipped across.
From there I followed the path past the site of the military hospital at Southampton which gave me clear views of Fawley refinery which I would be passing tomorrow.
Then it was walking around the bases of five huge tower blocks on the edge of the city which give their occupants splendid views of the estuary.
The last part of my walk was through the Itchenor park in Southampton which was a proper little bit of wilderness in the middle of the time.

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