Report from November 9th

After leaving Porchester I followed the path round the edge of the estuary towards Fareham. There were plenty of walkers taking advantage of the good weather so I had lots of opportunities to chat to them about my walk.
I then managed to turn my left ankle over on an uneven stretch of path. Luckily for me my boots took a lot of the load and stopped it from being a full blown strain.
It was still painful and luckily there was a lull in fellow walkers as I swore with great venom. After a few minutes flexing it I tried walking again and after a few tentative steps it settled down. I called in a local garage and picked up some Ibuprofen which would help with the swelling.
As I entered Gosport I got some good views of Portsmouth harbour including the vast bulk of the Queen Elizabeth II aircraft carrier.
I met a very well informed local who told me it was due to leave Portsmouth tomorrow which also explained the stream of Naval, Merlin, helicopters which were buzzing round the carrier.
I followed a well marked path through Gosport which has a lot of Navy buildings too.
I had taken nine days and about 90 miles walking including the Isle of Wight to cross the quarter mile from Portsmouth to Gosport where I could have just taken the ferry.
I finished the day at the Old Lodge in Gosport. When you use lots of accommodation you soon learn to spot a welcoming one. This one was and the staff and locals helped me forget the soreness of my ankle with a pint and some roast chicken.
Now it would be waiting to see how my ankle was in the morning.

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