Report from November 8th

After my break in Portsmouth where I visited the excellent D Day museum, I left to work my way round to Porchester.
Despite being on the England Coast Path signs were in short supply. Their favourite was a sticker on the lamp post. This was made less useful as, breweries, fringe political parties and local DJs all seemed to use stickers on lampposts as well so following the path was tricky.
A high tide was flooding part of the path as I crossed it before I reached a really nice stretch of path by Hilsea.
I called into a cafe by the Lido there just in time to avoid about three quarters of an hour of thunderstorms and heavy rain.
Then it was following A roads and the M275 to reach the Porchester side of river.
The rain at least cleared up and I had some good views of the Portsmouth skyline including the spinnaker tower.
I passed Porchester castle and then stayed on a more rural route to the marina at Porchester.
After a coffee there it was time to visit my friends who had kindly offered to put me up much to the disgust of their cat.

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