Report from November 4th

Today was a relatively short day thank goodness so I could start a little later having taken the opportunity to dry out my tent. The path made its way back to the coast but heavy rain and a high tide made a bit wetter than expected. One part of the path had suffered badly from erosion and required some caareful walking. I had breakfast in a lovely little place called Yarmouth where my banner caused a great deal of angst in a rather posh general store where I stocked up on so nice chocolate as a reward for yesterdays general store. The banner took a particular liking to a display of pickles and refused to let go of it without determined efforts from me and two members of staff.
From then on it was mainly walking on lanes and tracks as I worked my way through to Porchfield. The this part of the island was the most intensively farmed I had come across on the island with large herds of cattle and sheep.
I was a bit concerned when I came across signs saying the road to Porchfield was closed but I pressed on , had a good meal in the local pub and camped under.a moonlit oak in a nearby field.

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