Report from November 3rd

Packing up a wet tent isn’t the nicest way to start a day but I needed to get away early as I had a long walk ahead of me, about 18 miles, to get to my accommodation in Totland. This is what comes of finishing a bit short the day before.
I passed Whale Chine where I had planned to camp and was quite glad I hadn’t got there as there was no where to camp as there’d been a land slip and you weren’t allowed down it.
There were several other chimes to negotiate with slippery steps and muddy paths adding to the variety.
The sun came out and lit up the cliffs at Freshwater where I was planning to have some lunch/tea . The coastline was hilly and I decided a short stop would be a plan. I spotted a bench on the next hill which would make a good spot. When I arrived I found it was occupied by another couple. With a mental sigh I prepared to find another spot.
“Steven “, came a voice from the bench.
It was some friends of mine Mark and Juliet who had walked with me in Wales and had decided to surprise me on the Isle of Wight. I was duly surprised!
We set off together and, at Freshwater, we ate the cheese sandwiches and cups of tea that they bought. It was just the uplift I needed.
I then had two big hills to climb, to see the Tennyson Monument and the Needles. The weather held and I even got some extra views of the Needles from Headon Warren. It was pitch dark as I attempted to find my accomodation, a chalet in a holiday park. With the help of the owner and a lot of stumbling around I reached a warm bed tired but happy.

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