Report from October 31st

My mission was to get to Portsmouth in order to catch the ferry to the Isle of Wight tomorrow.
I was pleased to see long distance walk signs on my route. This indicates a well marked path with easy to negotiate stiles and gates.
Wrong. Within quarter of a mile the path fell into the sea. A bit of scrabbling put me back on track in time to come across a sign saying the path was closed due to erosion. Having got round the erosion I ignored it.
The path carried on round the estuary before making its way through the suburbs at Langstone. Langstone has a peace garden with its own doves , and a few pigeons. Unfortunately my flag was a step too far for them and they hid in a distant tree cooing suspiciously.
The rain fell heavily as I entered Portsmouth passing the pier and memorials to WW1 and the Crimea. There is a big D Day museum which I intend to visit when I get back to see if it compares with the one at Caen.
I settled into my hotel room and checked my ferry tickets, tomorrow would be my longest ferry trip so far!

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