Report from October 24th

Spent an hour sorting my kit from a damp tent to prevent damp things making everything else damp. You have to love dry bags.
Then it’s off down the coast along more shingle in a strong wind. The strong wind made the sea very lively indeed. I had to divert inland when the tide flooded over part of the path.
The banner worked its magic as I passed several cafes with people asking where I was going and donations were often forthcoming. Everyone seems to be amazed I’ve got this far. I’m not sure it’s that amazing , one foot in front of the other, repeat.
Bognor wasn’t as big as I expected but it has a nice pier and loads of shingle.
Then I followed the coast towards Pagham harbour, which isn’t a harbour but a 700 acre marsh. The footpath signs around weren’t the best but a helpful local got me on to the correct route. Ducks and geese flew around the marsh but not close enough to get a good view except from some Mallards.
I settled on a quiet spot to wild camp and decided to get the tent put up early to try drying it.
Cue a steady stream of dog walkers whose dogs were suspiciously interested in my tent , I was trying to dry it not have it made wetter so I spent time fending them off in the nicest possible way.
Dusk came and a much drier and quieter night ensued. The only noise was Curlews.

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