Report from October 23rd

Another wet start from Littlehampton, the day did not start well as after about quarter of a mile I realised I’d left my binoculars in my hotel room. Walked back to recover them . The heavens opened and like a large drowned rat I spread pools of water all over the Premier Inn where I sheltered for breakfast.
The rain cleared by the time I’d got through the all you can eat breakfast. I came across a first, a horse box converted to be a portable sauna. Very popular with the cold water swimmers.
The walk was now a mix of path and swathes of shingle. I am getting better with shingle but it is still one of my least favourite walking surfaces, hard work and noisy.
This section of the coast is full of crows. Not jackdaws which you usually see in flocks but 10-20 crows all together on the beach huts. A murder of crows seemed apt as the watched me with hard black eyes.
I was forced to take shelter in Littlehampton as a violent thunderstorm rumbled through meaning I couldn’t get as far as I wanted before I wild camped.
The weather was extremely bad that night, strong winds driving rain into the walls of my tent. It was very noisy with bits of thunder to add to the sound of the tent flapping and banging.
About 2am an outside peg came out the rain sodden ground the outer and inner layers of the tent pressed together.
This means the inner is now wet resulting my sleeping bag and mat becoming damp.
I didn’t sleep that well and had a sodden tent to contend with in the morning.
Pleasures of camping!

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