Report from October 22nd

The day looked unsettled, but my stomach was very settled after a large breakfast at Breakfast at Tiffany’s , Hove.
There is a big industrial harbour at Hove and the path to Shoreham follows it. It was a day of intermittent drizzle which was enough to annoying but somehow I begrudged having to get a water proof out to put on particularly as it kept stopping and starting.
Shoreham wasn’t looking as it was going to produce much. Then I came across the demonstration by the Shoreham Poplar Front. On a busy road in Shoreham stands a poplar. Developers want to remove it. Cue a tented village and a platform up the tree where dedicated supporters mount a 24 hour vigil to protect their tree. I had a long chat with them and please look them up on the internet. They have had protest marches and are in for the long haul. Shoreham Poplar Front
More rain descended on the walk through to Worthing though I did spot a statue of a baby elephant that was washed up on Worthing beach in 1926.

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