Report from October 21st

With some cheese and pickle sandwiches in my rucksack provided by Pauline I set off from Seaford.
Next to Seaford is the surprisingly, to me at least, large port at Newhaven, just as I was coming in what looked a large ferry was sailing out.
It was a two mile detour to cross at the harbour bridge, then a climb up to the fort where the footpath signage died and a mass of bramble blocked my path. After a long detour round and through a mobile home site I managed to rejoin the cliff path.
I then had an undulating walk to Peacehaven where I joined the GMT , Greenwich Meridian Trail , which starts there , joining Cleethorpes and the Humber where i’d found signs marking the meridian.
The wind was picking up steadily so the banner was stowed to stop me being blown sideways. A couple of miles later I joined the undercliff way. This is a concrete path running along the base of the cliffs next to the sea.
This further helped with the wind situation but reduced the distant views. I was offered and accepted some water by chap with a beach hut there. He gave me some detailed advice of the way the path crossed Asda’s car park at Brighton. I took it on board mainly as people normally talk about views or buildings on the path rather than supermarkets.
I passed through Rottingdean and made my way to Brighton Marina. Then I came to Asda’s car park.
I was glad of the advice I’d received. The path was not obvious and it would have been easy to go the wrong way. Local knowledge should never be ignored.
I entered Brighton in the late afternoon and passed by the pier. I had to get to Hove for my hotel so carried on along the front . I was regaled by a lone saxophonist playing in a beach shelter, even unamplified, the notes of the saxophone followed me in the wind to the hotel.
I got within about 50 yds from the hotel when I noticed a skateboarder heading towards me. He was unusually in his sixties rather than his teens and also unusually hadn’t moved aside to get past me.
As he closed in I realised he wasn’t changing his line and we were on a collision course. When you are walking with a 40lb pack and walking poles sudden changes of course are not on the menu. You can stop, start and turn gently. Everything else needs plenty of time and notice.
So I stopped and turned sideways. He hit my 40lb rucksack and came off his skateboard. His reaction was surprisingly un aggressive compared to the manner of his approach. He recovered his board and skated off in his own,possibly substance formed, world.
I and my bag were fine and the hotel was welcome.

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